Britain’s ageing population : In the News

UK centenarian numbers rise steeply in decade, says ONS

  • Source: BBC News
  • Icon: Script 21st March 2014

The number of people living in the UK aged 100 increased by 73% in the decade to 2012, said the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

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Can the UK’s ageing population usher in a new age of economic prosperity?

  • Source: Guardian
  • Icon: Script 18th December 2013

It's predicted that over 20 million Brits will be over 65 within 30 years. Can we see this as an opportunity rather than a burden, with older people providing an ever-growing market and an invaluable workforce?

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An age-old assumption

  • Source: BBC News
  • Icon: Script 12th November 2013

The idea that dependent older people represent a great demographic challenge of our age has been turned on its head.

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Ageing population pushes welfare bill to crisis point

  • Source: The Telegraph
  • Icon: Script 25th July 2013

Britain’s rapidly ageing population threatens to push the NHS and state pension system to the brink of collapse, according to an international study that found almost a quarter of the UK economy is consumed by social welfare.

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Our ageing population: news and resources round up

  • Source: The Guardian
  • Icon: Script 17th March 2013

The UK is not prepared to cope with an expected explosion of older people according to a new report. Here we round up news stories, multimedia and teaching resources for you to explore the issues in class

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Demographic time bomb: Government ‘woefully underprepared’ to deal with Britain’s ageing population

  • Source: The Independent
  • Icon: Script 14th March 2013

The Government is “woefully underprepared” for a demographic time bomb that will see the number of people aged over 65 living in Britain leap by nearly five million in two decades, a report warned today.

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Councils ‘will struggle with ageing population’

  • Source: BBC News
  • Icon: Script 18th February 2010

Councils will struggle to cope with the financial challenge posed by England's ageing population, a watchdog says.

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UK economy ‘must adapt to needs of ageing population’

  • Source: The Daily Telegraph
  • Icon: Script 3rd February 2010

Britain must radically shift the way it thinks about what its ageing population contributes to the economy if it is to avoid future fiscal crises, a prominent economist has warned. George Magnus, senior economic adviser to UBS, said that businesses would have a major part to play in the shift as traditional sources of growth – including the housing market – shrink, and an ageing population puts a strain on the public finances.

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