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Unsustainable Fishing panel


How can we avoid the collapse of a resource that remains an essential part of food security and vital to the communities and livelihoods of half a billion people across the planet?

Join our expert panel to explore this issue and put your own questions to them.

Please note: For this event, attendees should come to the Kensington Gore entrance of the Society - Directions »

Unsustainable Fishing, 13 November, 7pm


@Paul_Rose      Paul Rose website

Paul Rose

Paul is Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and Chair of the Expeditions and Fieldwork Division.  He is an expert polar, environmental, exploration and field science consultant. 

His recent BBC documentaries have included Oceans: Exploring the secrets of our underwater world and Frank Wild: Antarctica's Forgotten Hero. He presented the BBC Human Planet Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Paul has also presented Britain's Secret Seas, Voyages of Discovery, Take One Museum, Meltdown and Wind.

Paul's voice-over work includes making the official recording of Captain Scott's diaries for the British Library.

He reports for BBC News and makes live appearances on BBC Breakfast, BBC 24 News, Sky News and local TV News. 

He was the Base Commander of Rothera Research Station, Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey for 10 years and was awarded HM The Queen's Polar Medal.

For his work with NASA and the Mars Lander project on Mt Erebus, Antarctica he was awarded the US Polar Medal.

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) presented The Ness Award to Paul - "For the popularisation of Geography and the wider understanding of our world".

Paul has a mountain named after him in Antarctica and is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Cumbria.


Frank Pope

@Papa_Franco        Frank Pope website

Frank is currently the Ocean Correspondent for The Times: the world’s only national newspaper with a reporter dedicated to covering the 71 per cent of the planet that is covered by water. The beat is as wide as the horizon and as deep as the Mariana Trench, covering everything from offshore energy to environment, piracy to science, shipwrecks and exploration.

Before working for The Times, Frank worked in marine archaeology, examining & excavating shipwrecks around the world. One project – the excavation of an Asian junk sunk in deep water off Vietnam – was the subject of his first book, Dragon Sea: A True Tale of Intrigue, Treasure and Adventure Under the Waves.

In March 2012 his second book, 72 Hours was released, exploring the extraordinary story of the Royal Navy submarine rescue team and their dramatic last mission to save the crew of a trapped Russian submersible.

He has filmed a couple of ocean-related series for the BBC, including the two-part BBC2 series on the forgotten shipwrecks of the river Thames, and in 2011 BBC's Britain’s Secret Seas. Frank is a regular speaker at schools and other events on this subject, and is an Ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation.



Dr David Agnew
Marine Stewardship Council logo

 Marine Stewardship Council website      
 Dr Agnew's recent publications (Imperial College, London)

Dr David Agnew is Director of Standards at the Marine Stewardship Council and an acknowledged world expert on Antarctic fisheries and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing. His global experience includes Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Australasia and all oceans. 

Previously David was Fisheries Director of the fisheries consultancy MRAG Ltd. He is also Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Fisheries and Population Biology at Imperial College London, is Chairman of Scientific Committee of CCAMLR, is a past chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of the MSC and a past member of the Board of Trustees of the MSC.

He holds a PhD in marine biology from the University of Glasgow, UK and is an experienced stock assessment scientist and modeller, having conducted research on a wide range of that and other fisheries management topics, including ecosystem based fisheries management and global fisheries governance. He has managed small and large projects for diverse clients such as the European Commission, World Bank, Forum Fisheries Agency and UK government departments. He was Principal Scientific Advisor the UK Government on fisheries science and management of its overseas territories, particularly in the South Atlantic and Antarctic. From 1989 to 1996 he was Data Manager with CCAMLR in Hobart, Australia. He has published more than 200 papers and reports. 


Dr Heather Kaldewey

Zoological Society of London

Heather is Head of Global Programmes, Zoological Society of London (ZSL). In 1997, Heather became the Curator of the Aquarium and Reptile House at London Zoo. Since starting at the Zoological Society of London, Heather has worked to advance the role of aquariums in fish conservation globally.

In 1998, she facilitated a series of workshops that established the first coordinated conservation breeding programmes for fish and aquatic invertebrates in European aquariums. She has co-chaired this initiative since its inception and was recently appointed as the Aquarium Committee Chair for the World Association for Zoos and Aquariums following her role in developing the global aquarium conservation strategy.

One of Heather's most rewarding moments was being involved in the designation of the world’s largest Marine Protected Area in the Chagos/British Indian Ocean Territory and she continues a role in developing a research strategy for the region. She retains an active engagement in research, supervising PhD students (working in the Philippines, Portugal and Sri Lanka), publishing papers and was recently appointed an Adjunct Professor at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Heather is an Ambassador of the Blue Marine Foundation, which exists to fix the largest solvable problem on the planet - the crisis in the oceans, with a diverse network of passionate and influential individuals, dedicated to solving the marine crisis.   

Heather was appointed an Adjunct Professor at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia, Canada in 2010. She is a Board member of the Chagos Conservation Trust, Shark Trust and Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation, Philippines, as well as representing ZSL on a number of national and international conservation committees.

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